Royal Koyanagi, Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku: Full volume decensored!

26 08 2010

Well that certainly took me a while but I’m finally done. Download the just the last two chapters (the ones I just finished) here or the entire volume here. I hope I’ve done it justice.

I may go on a bit of a break from decensoring and translating or something or I may do nothing of the sort, I’m not sure at the moment. Well, whatever I do next and whenever I do it I’ll post it up here.


Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku ch6 Decensored

10 08 2010

Just one chapter again this time since it stands alone, download here. If it looks like I’m on track to finish the whole volume in good time I may just wait until it’s finished instead of releasing the next chapter on its own… Or perhaps not. We’ll see.

Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku ch4-5 Decensored

31 07 2010

Decensored both chapters of the Milky Shot story, the only two chapters in the whole volume that have a continuous story between them. It seemed more reasonable to release them together, so here they are. I think this also marks my passing the halfway point in my efforts, at least counting by chapter: 5/8! Woohoo! The next chapter will be released, as ever, whenever I get done decensoring it.

Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku ch3 Decensored

10 07 2010

Reading my last post, it looks like I sat on it for a while before putting it out… This is the opposite. I just finished with this, and since I won’t have internet access for the next week I thought I’d better get it out first. Download here.

Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku ch2 Decensored

23 04 2010

I don’t really want to write much of a post about this, because I’ve been finished with it for over a week already and haven’t got much to say… At any rate, I decensored Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku chapter 2. Updated the links in the archive section, and here it is for good measure. The next part will be up eventually; I haven’t started on it yet.

Translating Stuff

18 03 2010

So I’ve been studying Japanese online, like many others, and reached a point where I thought I’d give translation a shot. A disclaimer- I’m hardly an expert, I’m not sure if I’m even intermediate… but with the help of the various translation tools and guides available, it’s possible. As a fan of visual novels, which aren’t translated at nearly the same rate as manga, I decided they’re the best place to start.

So over the course of a month or so I translated a (very) early game from Lilith Soft called “Love Love H-Maid”. I’ve made a page with links to that and (hopefully) future patches, but I may as well post it here for good measure: here!

There’s a little readme / version information-thing in there that will hopefully answer any questions about how to use it, etc.

Two Releases

24 12 2009

Two freshly decensored works to share today: ShindoL’s “Sarashi Ai” and the first chapter of Royal Koyanagi’s “Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku.”

In one-word summary of each work: the former, “exhibitionism,” the latter, “orgy.”

I’m kind of flipflopping on whether to include images, given that there’s two separate releases here I think I won’t… You can always find them in their censored forms on if you want to get a gist for what they’re like… As said, though, I’ve only decensored the FIRST chapter of “Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku” for now, I hope to release more later but don’t expect to find the whole volume-long marvel here just yet.

I should probably start putting up mirrors, since depositfiles has that silly waiting time after a download, but for now that’s all I’ve got, sorry:

Sarashi Ai:

Saint Penalty Gakuen Goku, ch1:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or if you’re not celebrating much of anything this time of year then have yourself a good time anyway.